Special Needs Pediatric Dentistry

We value each of our patients, regardless of their special healthcare needs.

Our Pediatric Dentists Are Specialized For Your Child

We want to make your child's dental experience fun!

Children with special health care needs require regular dental visits like everyone else. Still, they benefit the most by visiting a specialized dentist who can work with special needs children. Our pediatric dentists and staff in Boiling Springs and Powdersville have undergone specific training to learn how to accommodate your child’s needs better. 

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) defines pediatric special needs dentistry as the practices that treat children with a physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory, or mental impairment, as well as those affected by an orofacial disorder or condition. 

Your child needs a routine dental visit to ensure the quality of their oral health. An appointment with a special needs child is generally different than a regular dental visit. Our staff will cater to the requirements of your child. They require a relaxing and comfortable environment where they can feel at ease and trust the team that is working with them.