The iGrin Pediatric Dentistry team who offer exceptional Boiling Springs dentistry to children.

Did you grow up fearing the dentist? Was it because of a bad experience as a child?

At iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC, our mission is to create the ultimate dental experience for children. So, if you want the best for your child, then start by choosing the best children’s dentist in Boiling Springs, SC. Hint: It’s us!

From specialized training to our kid-thriving atmosphere, the iGrin dental team continually goes the extra mile to make sure your child grows up happy, healthy, and free from dental anxiety or fear. The cherry on top: Parents and kids love us!

Meet the iGrin dental team and see why parents choose us for their children’s dental care in Boiling Springs.

Meet the iGrin dental team

Dr. Rackley with iGrin Pediatric Dentistry who offers friendly Boiling Springs dentistry for your precious kiddos!

Dr. Rackley, Boiling Springs Dentist

Carissa, Dental Assistant at iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC

Carissa High, Dental Assistant

Jerlonda, Dental Assistant at iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC

Jerlonda Douglas, Dental Assistant

Amber, Dental Assistant at iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC

Amber Gauthier, Dental Assistant

Luba, dental assistant at iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC

Luba Chain, Dental Assistant

Why choose our pediatric dental office for your Boiling Springs dentistry needs?

Unlike general family dentists, our iGrin office is exclusively reserved for children’s dental care. Everything we do and offer is tailored to your child’s needs and desires. Our goal is to create positive dental experiences for your child, which are free of anxiety and fear.

Along the way, we aim to educate your child on the importance of oral health with a focus on preventative care. The positive associations your child has with the dentist and their oral hygiene from an early age can carry on with them throughout the rest of their life – what parent doesn’t want that?

So, what sets iGrin apart from other pediatric dental offices in Spartanburg and Boiling Spring, SC?

Just ask any iGrin kid and they will tell you:

  • Video games
  • TVs
  • The game room
  • Coloring sheets
  • Dr. Rackley (if he’s lucky – it’s hard to beat video games!)

Now, if you ask any iGrin parent, they might tell you:

And last but not least: The friendly, kid-obsessed iGrin dental team!

Come try out iGrin Pediatric Dentistry in Boiling Springs, SC

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Boiling Springs or the surrounding areas? Come try us out! We promise it’ll be worth it. But first, we must warn you: Your kid may never want to leave!

Contact our friendly iGrin dental team to schedule your child’s first (or next) appointment: